Are you thinking about starting your own blog? Or maybe you already have one and want to spice it up? Whether it’s a personal blog that details your adventures or a company blog that aims to attract industry attention, there are a lot of things you can do to make your site a smashing success. The key, of course, is to post creative, engaging and useful content that will draw people in and keep them coming back for more. Posting great content regularly is the key to SEO success. SEO is all about having good content. Make sure you only write content that you would like to read. NEVER add content to your site that has been made specifically for what you think Search engines would want. Search engines are becoming smarter and soon any worthless content will be recognized and penalized.

Below are a few more tips on how to go about it:


Write About the Things that Matter to People

Presumably, you have already selected your niche. Now select topics which are relevant to this niche that people might be interested in reading. One way to do this is to use a keyword tool that can show the most popular searches over a given period. You can also visit community boards to see what people are talking about at the moment. Find out which questions are often asked and try to answer them through a blog post. Mine the discussions for article ideas and make a list of them for future reference. Lastly, expound on personal observations that no one else seems to be writing about if you think these might benefit other people.


Conduct Extensive Research

Posts should be backed up by research as much as possible. This does not mean that there must be a flood of citations or statistical data, only that the articles should contain verifiable facts. An in-depth study will also serve as a stable platform from which to write about a subject matter. Reading up on an issue may spark ideas on future topics as well. You can enrich these types of posts by formulating theories and then testing them out yourself. Record the outcome of your experiments and share them with the world to provide a personal perspective.


Grab People’s Attention

There are thousands of blogs competing within each niche. It’s hard to get noticed, let alone get people highly engaged in your posts. One way to grab attention is to be original. This does not necessarily mean that you can’t touch topics others have written about but you have to come up with original ideas. It would be excellent if some of these ideas are of a controversial nature and came along with an equally explosive title – something that is sure to generate traffic and get a good discussion going. Not everyone has a personality that suits this approach so other strategies may be undertaken such as writing highly creative reviews, guides, and other instructional materials.


Concentrate on Quality, Not Quantity

Do not worry about the length of the post or of setting a standard number of words to reach an ideal. Each topic will dictate how you should approach the article. What’s important is that the final product should be the finest post ever written on the subject. This means looking at the competition and assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Try to determine what you can do to improve on what is already there so that you can supplant the keyword leaders and draw their audience to your blog. Maybe this means adding a video, conducting an interview, posting more images, or coming up with a more thorough discussion. Sometimes a short but engaging post could be more effective than a long but boring one.


Make Posts Easy to Read

A guaranteed way to lose a reader is to write your posts as a single paragraph all the way through — hundreds or even thousands of words, pure text and no images. This kind of formatting is simply tiring for the eyes and exhausting for the brain. People need to have visual breaks and variety in order to stay interested. For bloggers, this means writing in short, easily digestible paragraphs. Section headings are of utmost importance as they tell readers what the next parts will be about, encouraging them to go on. Judicious use of images at certain points can help illustrate a concept. People may become eager to read an article just to learn more about a picture.


Writing great content is not easy but the tips provided here should enable you to make a good start. Keep at it and you will be seeing your desired results in time. Good luck!

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