Organic link building is a difficult task but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor. Those who can do it successfully are likely to get the highest page rank. Matt Cutts provides a few tips on how to accomplish this:


Generate controversy. Writing about a controversial topic is bound to stir interest in an industry or a niche. The hotter the subject, the more likely it is that people will react in droves. Often, they will not only leave a comment on a blog post but create their own counter-argument on their sites and link to the original. They are also likely to share the controversial post through their social networks and this could lead to a viral effect.


Answer questions. Although generating controversy can be effective, doing it over and over again will lead to diminishing returns. It can make people question the purpose and integrity of the author. Use more gentle tactics sometimes like answering questions in a community. By helping other people, reputation is enhanced and curiosity is piqued. They will start looking at your site and linking to the most useful posts. Watch the video to get more of Matt’s tips.