In this video, a Google software engineer answers Atul Aurora of Fremont, California, who asks what factors determine what kind of search engine ranking a Twitter page receives. The questioner wants to know if the number of followers or the backlinks have an effect on Twitter page rankings.

Twitter is a social media site where users post status updates and links. The site limits postings to 140 characters or fewer. Users can create their own profile pages, and many businesses and celebrities have pages on Twitter and post regularly.

The respondent in the video states that Google treats Twitter pages just as it treats regular web pages. As a result, the number of followers you have on Twitter doesn’t matter when it comes to search engine ranking. Backlinks may affect your rankings depending on how many your page or a particular post has. Overall, search engines like Google still attempt to give sites that provide quality and useful content with the highest rankings, so the best way to get a Twitter page ranked highly is to ensure that it’s full of good content and not spam.