All web page owners understand the importance of getting their page listed in Google rankings. However there are many factors to getting your page indexed. In this article we will be discussing the PageRank factor.

Ask three different webmasters their opinions on Google’s PageRanking system and I guarantee you will receive three different answers. Everyone has their opinions on PageRank Sculpting; some will tell you that it is unethical and an attempt to game Google’s system. Since your PageRank is based on a combination of things that are on your site, you are free to organize and reorganize your content any way you choose. Before moving on I want to make it clear that PageRank sculpting is not unethical.

At the end of the day worrying or spending a lot of time on your PageRank score is not the best use of your time. It is more important for you to focus on building targeted links to your site, as well as generating high quality content. Those are the task that would better serve you in reaching a top search engine listing.

If you find that you have done everything else and you have some time on your hands, then and only then would I focus on sculpting your PageRank and your inner linking structure. When configuring your link structure do not get caught up in using the dofollow and nofollow tags to help navigate your PageRank to other pages. If you want effective PageRanking, focus on which interior pages to link to from your home page.