The question of whether or not Google is doing away with the use of the Meta description is answered in this short video clip from Google’s Matt Cutts, presented on April 23, 2009.

The Meta description is a short description written by the webmaster outlining what a particular page on a website is about. Many webmasters rely on the use of this description to put in extra keywords in the hope of boosting a site’s search engine rankings.

Naturally, it takes time and effort to write this description, so some webmasters and blogmasters have been concerned by the fact that Google does not always display this Meta description under the given site when it shows search engine results. While Google will usually display a snippet of text under the site, it is not always the same text that has been carefully placed in the Meta description category. This has led many webmasters to wonder if Google has done away with the use of the Meta description.

Information on this topic can be found on many websites, many of which provide contradictory information on the topic. However, Matt Cutts addresses this concern in a clear manner, helping webmasters get a better understanding of how Google works and learn how to better optimize their pages, articles and the overall website.