There is no competition like online business competition. Every day, millions of people are making the venture to establish a business online. It’s tough already as it is. Unfortunately, it seems that Google may be making it tougher. Since Google’s search engine is the most likely way any given person’s website would be found, it would be crippling to that person’s business if their business name didn’t show up in search queries. One common issue that many people are having is that a Google search on their website is producing the “did you mean” feature, thus diverting the attention of the person searching.

If you are not familiar with this feature or problem, it is a feature of Google’s search engine that gives suggestions to search queries if the system detects a possible misspelling or typographical error. This could possibly be a serious issue if a website, business name, or person’s name is very similar to another website, business name or person’s name. This could potentially be extremely troubling if the similar name is that of a well-established corporation.

In this video, Matt Cutts of Google Webmasters discusses this issue. He tries to explain why this happens, and what can be done of it. This video should help with any similar issue you may be having.