In the video on this page, what impact does server location have on rankings? – , Matt Cutts a Google engineer and search engine expert will explain the intent behind Google Search Engine design. Specifically he discusses how host server geographic location impacts Google Search results and its user experience.

Google Search is a comprehensive web search tool. The tool is prominent and rates website search results according to PageRank. This ranking system is used to determine relevance of search results and is used to deliver quality search results for Google Search users. Google Search technology includes host server geographical location to facilitate an excellent user experience.

The use of server geographical location is intended to make search results informative and relevant to the user. If we are in Germany and search for ‘pants’, by default Google will show German pants companies in its results. However, if we are located in the United States and we desire people in Germany to see our website about Americana in their search results, we may also need to host our website at a server located in Germany. In order to further understand the complexity behind the Google Search algorithm and understand how it delivers high quality and informative results, you need expert advice.

That expert is Matt Cutts. He is a Google engineer and has taken the time to inform you about how website server geographical location affects results in Google Search.. You can see his advice on this website in the video What impact does server location have on rankings? –