The comments section is a vital channel of communication between blog owners and their readers. However, it is also known to be a prime target for spammers. It provides these shadowy figures with a wide open door through which to sneak in and leave links behind. A concerned individual from Australia is interested in Google’s thoughts on blog commenting and the ways in which they currently deal with the situation.

Matt Cutts heads the company’s webspam team and so he at the forefront of the battle against spammers. He says that Google has a lot of mechanisms to detect comment spam in its variety of forms. The algorithm is set up so that these comments won’t reap any of the intended benefits like a higher ranking and so forth.

For people who want to take matters into their own hands, there’s the “nofollow” attribute introduced in 2005. Bloggers can assign this attribute to any link on their site that has a questionable reputation. Doing so signals Googlebot to ignore the link when making ranking calculations. Third-party solutions like Kismet that filter comment spam have also proven to be very effective in fighting this menace.

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