In this video, a representative from Google Webmaster Tools addresses a viewer question about using the “link:” search query. A webmaster typing this query into the Google search box can view how many other sites have linked to his or her website. The questioner poses the idea that the “link:” query is not that accurate and wants to know if any alternate methods exist.

The reply from Google Webmaster Tools emphasizes that the “link:” results provide a snapshot of a site’s current inbound links at a specific time. Although this list of backlinks is comprehensive, other links might come from other online locations that may not always appear in Google. An additional suggestion from this video is that a webmaster try other link-checking tools, such as Yahoo Site Explorer. This method provides a basis for comparing the results, and it can also give a webmaster a more complete picture. Google does not return inaccurate links to a given site, but the search engine may not always return every last link that exists. The same idea applies to links designated “no follow” versus those with “do follow” capability.


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