In the video below, recorded in February 2009, Matt Cutts (a Google software engineer) answers the question ‘when did Google start displaying “did you mean” results?


Rolled out in November 2008, the “did you mean” feature of Google is designed to improve the quality of users’ search results. When a search has garnered relatively few results, or Google believes the quality of those sites is poor, the “did you mean” feature will offer an alternative for those who may not otherwise have found the information they were looking for. 
For example, if Google perceives a word is misspelled, “did you mean” will jump in with a possible correction. However, the function doesn’t just recognize incorrectly spelled search terms. It may also offer suggestions if it feels that a search phrase could have been worded differently to produce better results.

Of course, Google’s “did you mean” feature is not always correct in its assumptions and can sometimes attempt to take users down a very different path. However, over the years, the company has continued to improve the functionality and accuracy of its “did you mean” program. 
Watch the video below for more about when “did you mean” was provided to Google’s users and the benefits it offers.