Peter Linsley’s response to a question from Martino of Trento, Italy, uploaded on July 10, 2009.
This video shows Peter Linsley’s response to the question ” Which is more reliable for searching: Google or Twitter? ” from Martino of Trento, Italy.

There has been much speculation about which is a better place for people to gain useful and reliable information about various topics.  In this video response to Martino’s question, Peter explains that, although both Google and Twitter can be used for searching, each has its own uses and benefits.  Twitter is a social media network that can be used to ask questions and get up-to-date information; however, this would depend on how wide your network of friends and followers is.


Google, on the other hand, is a dedicated search engine that can provide reputable information about various topics from the latest to those as far back as ancient times.  Twitter is more useful when you need immediate answers for current issues or questions while Google is a better source of information for research.  This particular video shows Peter explaining that these sites are both useful in their own way so there is no real point in comparing one to the other.  Peter Linsley’s suggestion is to use whatever works for you when you find the need for reliable search results.


Which is more reliable for searching: Google or Twitter? –