In this video, Matt Cutts gets a question from across the pond which stirs his imagination: if he could add any feature or make an enhancement to Google Search today, what would it be?

After spending so many years working in the company, Matt is just brimming with ideas, though one in particular trumps them all. He says that his pet peeve with search is the number of parameters added to the results page address. Instead of a simple link that contains the keyword, Google gives a lengthy URL that seems to go on forever. He finds this annoying whenever he has to send search links through email—something that he tends to do a lot due to his job. What he wants to see is a way for users to get a shorter and more intuitive link that is easy to remember (e.g., “”).

He has already discussed this idea with some people in Mountain View but nothing has happened, apparently because his colleagues did not see a great demand for the feature. Matt is not giving up, though, and is optimistic that he will prevail even if he has to do it himself.
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