Why Is Facebook Not Working For You?

Are you disappointed about the lack of success that you are having with Facebook?

Perhaps you only have a few people liking your page or nobody is talking about your brand.

If your Facebook activity leaves a lot to be desired, don’t get disheartened.

It takes time to build and grow a loyal following of fans and to create a community. Social Media marketing takes patience and long term thinking but the investment in time and effort certainly pays off when it is done well. That is why so many companies are willing to invest in marketing on social media sites such as Facebook; because they see great rewards from it.

Here are 5 main reasons why your Facebook campaigns may not be working for you and how you can put them right:

1.  You Don’t Have a Social Media Strategy
Some small businesses set up a Facebook page because they know their customers expect them to have one or because their competitors have one. But when asked what the goal of their Facebook page is, they don’t really have a clue. So, let’s think about your Facebook page for a moment:
•    Do you want to get more likes?
•    Do you want your Facebook presence to increase brand awareness about your company or product?
•    Do you want to increase sales?

Your reasons for having a Facebook page could be one, two or all three reasons, but whatever you want to achieve, you need to have a concise goal and plan of action. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to determine what tools and marketing strategies you need to use in order to make it work.

2.  You Don’t Update Your Content Often Enough
After the initial novelty of having a Facebook page wears off, many small businesses sadly neglect them a month or two down the line. Then, because they aren’t seeing any results from Facebook they claim that it doesn’t work.

It is important to remember the only reason anybody would ever want to visit your Facebook page is because of the content. Simply put, if you don’t post anything then nobody will bother to visit your page. Even if the content you posted a few days, weeks or months ago was fantastic you can’t afford to rest on your laurels. We live in a fast paced world where information quickly becomes outdated or people just move on to the next big thing, so it is vital that you post often. But how often? At the very least it should be once a day but 4 or 5 times a day would be better. Follow some of the big companies. Study how they engage their followers by adding quick pithy posts that grab the attention and encourage commenting.

3.  Yawn…… Your Posts Are So Boring!
If you look at the posts big companies and savvy business owners add to their pages, their content is light hearted and fun. It entertains their followers so they keep coming back for more. They give away coupons, have contests and engage their fans. That is the secret – providing content your followers want to read. When people visit your page, they don’t want to read sales promotions or posts all about you. It needs to be fun and interesting.  

So if you owned a restaurant you could:

•    Add your menu to the page.
•    Describe dishes on your menu that you would personally recommend.
•    Teach them how to cook one of your dishes
•    Ask what their favourite dishes are.
•    Ask for customers reviews.
•    Include videos showing people round     your restaurant, introduce them to your staff or show them how to make one of your dishes.
•    Give away coupons and vouchers.

The list is endless but you can see how you need to make the content relevant to your business, but at the same time interesting enough to engage with your followers and get them talking about your brand or your company.

4.  It is all text and you don’t include photos or graphics
Visual content is essential on Facebook. Visitors literally only have a minute or so to visit your page, so if you are posting long messages people are not going to read them, no matter how interesting or informative they might be.

To be successful on Facebook it will be worth your while to invest in posting your own good quality pictures that attract attention. These can be about your business or service so include photos of your premises, your stock, your staff, the results (bouquets if you are a florist, a beautifully manicured lawn if you are in lawn maintenance….you get the idea).

You can even visit sites like Pinterest and re-pin images that you find on to your Facebook page. Again, look at how other companies use images for inspiration.

5.  Your Facebook Page is Anonymous and Your Brand is Invisible
Facebook is so popular.  It enables you to reach a huge worldwide audience and it would be a crime to not use it to its full potential by not clearly branding your page.

Having a clearly branded page and addressing the previous 4 issues your Facebook campaign will be far more successful and you will increase your chances of attracting a loyal following of fans.

If you need help and want to learn more about how to use Facebook to your full advantage so that you too can get thousands in extra sales every month contact me today so I can share some of my super-secret Facebook tactics with you and help you create a laser targeted branded page.

I guarantee that your new branded, custom designed Facebook page will create a unique look and feel, giving your target market a more involved brand experience. This will help your company engage more with a wider target audience and encourage them to spend more time on your profile.

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