The typical online company is hardly aware of the fact that their web page design is a major factor in determining the success or failure of their endeavors.  Given the proliferation of internet use and the resulting increase in internet-based businesses, simply having a website is no longer enough.  Consumers are looking for more from the pages that they visit, and will quickly navigate away from any online selling platform that does not meet their high standards.

Ease Of Navigation
Putting yourself in the mind of a consumer quickly makes it apparent why having a proper web page design is so vital for online businesses.  No one wants to visit a site that is hard to navigate.  Finding a sales page or back-tracking to an item description can be both difficult and frustrating on basic, poorly designed sites.  The only good news for consumers who stumble across such sites is that navigating away to another site is easy to do.  Consumers can leave your online business and find one just like it, in a matter of seconds.  While your products and your prices may be better than your competition, the company with the site that is easiest to navigate and use will ultimately win the most sales.

Clarity And Value
Not only should your site look good, it should sound good as well.  Including content on your home page that is anything less than spectacular can do a tremendous disservice to both your business and your efforts to brand your organization as a trustworthy source of industry-specific information.  A good web page design will ultimately present all of the pertinent information that consumers will be looking for as they move through the normal purchasing process, easy links to products and an easy and secure check-out process.   Without these things, getting noticed by online consumers will do you little good.  Few of them will actually stick around long enough to allow you to pull in the profits that you will need to remain a viable player in your industry.

While the average start-up costs for internet businesses are remarkably low when compared to the costs of more traditional business start-ups, web page design should never be skimped on.  Companies will need to recognize that their site essentially is their business.  Consumers will judge your commercial website much as they will judge the physical institutions that they patronize.  Thus, building a strong and impressive image online will require you to have a strong and impressive site design.