In this video, the speaker answers the question posed by Remiz Rahnas of Kerala, India. He asks if putting a coming soon page up on a new domain will help or harm search engine rankings.

In response, a representative of the Google Webmaster Help channel on YouTube says that putting up a coming soon page is more beneficial than harmful. He thinks it is a good idea, and that the owner or webmaster of the site can update or add new information as it becomes available. Starting with a coming soon page and adding content as it is created until ultimately the full site becomes available and navigable should create no problems for search engine rankings.

He also states that the page should do well in rankings despite its lack of content, and that it benefits customers by letting them know that the page or information they’re searching for will be available soon. Having a coming soon page is better than having a page that acts as a black hole with no information available for viewers about what the page will become in the future or why it is currently up.