In this video, Matt from Google Web Master tools answers this question about whether a webmaster will be penalized in the search results for changing domain registrars.


The answer is no because Google employees understand that things do happen with individual domain hosting companies, such as changes in pricing plans or hosting features offered to customers. Changing domain registration information such as a phone number will also not hurt a website owner in Google’s search results. These kinds of information changes are also a normal part of doing business or hosting a website, and Google does not consider these changes to be suspect.

What can penalize a webmaster is behavior that indicates possible web spam creation, such as buying an expired domain simply for its existing backlinks and not adding more value to the site itself. These actions are often paired with frequent hosting company switches, which will raise red flags for Google’s indexing algorithms. If the search engine does determine that a webmaster is buying up domains and switching hosts for the purposes of spam creation, then Google will take action and drop the domains in question from the search results.