In the video below, Google Engineer Matt Cutts ponders the possibility of implementing text search within images as well as this lofty dream’s timeframe.

Google has made a name for itself by solving difficult problems and sharing the solutions to the world. Since the company is the leader in search technology, particularly in text, people would like to know if it would be feasible to extend their scope to include text embedded in images. This may prove quite useful when trying to locate posters, maps, signs, photographs, illustrations, books, and many more applications.

It is no doubt a major challenge but it is the kind of project that would suit the engineers at Mountain View. Matt Cutts shares that this has already been discussed among them albeit informally during recreation. There was even a suggestion to run an OCR on all the images on the web, something that would no doubt take a lot of time and processing power. While he would like to see this eventually happening, there does not seem to be any concrete plans to put it into motion any time soon. Those who are anticipating this feature may have to wait a few more years at the very least.

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