The majority of webmasters work hard to make the best site they can and maintain its integrity. However, there are cases when they unexpectedly find themselves guilty of violating Google’s guidelines. A concerned individual from India wants to know whether it would be possible for Webmaster Central to notify webmastersand explain the issue in detail. The goal is to enable the affected parties to fix the problem and avoid its recurrence.

Matt Cutts begins by providing some context. With the sheer magnitude of the Internet, he argues that it would be impossible for Google to run a technical support center that can address each case individually—not even if the company’s entire manpower was dedicated to this endeavor. They tend to look for ways that are easier to scale. For example, they might notify the owner if a site is deemed to be prone to hacking. This gives people the opportunity to upgrade their CMS and make other security arrangements before bad elements can strike.

Google is doing what it can to protect legitimate sites but, at the same time, they are careful not to inadvertently help those who make hundreds of spam sites designed to game the system. Instead of automatic notifications, the company has decided to take a more nuanced approach. 
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