As part of Google’s search localization drive, results for generic keywords tend to include nearby places that are related to the term. This is happening whether or not the town or city is specified. Examples are “hospitals”, “restaurants”, “gas stations”, and the like. A user from London is wondering whether the search giant will begin to display IP-based results even for those who are logged out of their accounts.

Matt Cutts, a senior engineer at Google, thinks that this is indeed a very likely scenario. The company sees the value of providing localized results for certain keywords as this seems to help people better. Those who are typing the word “pizza”, for instance, are probably not aiming to write an article about the history of pizza. Many of them are actually looking for places around town that can deliver delicious pizza.

The same principle holds true for keywords like “movie” and “weather” which are almost certainly being used to look for theater schedules and the day’s forecast, respectively. These types of local information are pertinent to users whether they are logged in or not so Matt sees things moving to that direction.
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