A software engineer for Google answers the question, “Will SEO still exist in five years?” He believes it will, and he also believes that not all SEO tactics are bad. He says by emphasizing quality content, Google’s algorithm bots will hopefully be able to discourage negative SEO tactics and encourage positive ones.

SEO refers to search engine optimization. Web developers and owners can optimize their sites by using specific keywords in the titles, descriptions and content of their sites. Google attempts to recognize the difference between sites that provide quality content to their viewers and those that simply stuff useless text with keywords to get a high ranking. Deceptive, negative or unethical SEO tactics are often referred to as “black hat SEO” and more positive tactics are called “white hat SEO.”

Google’s engineer says that although Google attempts to rank sites in a way that doesn’t require everyone with a website to be an SEO expert, using positive or “white hat” SEO tactics can still benefit or enhance your site’s rankings. He also hopes that more of the negative SEO tactics will fall away in the future and that more positive SEO tactics will be used in upcoming years.