Many search engines provide regular updates on their algorithm changes. As an example, Yahoo! sends out “weather reports” every now and then. Google used to do something similar years ago to the delight of webmasters but this practice has been discontinued. Now people want to know if there is any chance of having this revived, even to a lesser extent. Official confirmation about certain changes would bring SEOs some peace of mind and prevent the spread of false information.

Matt Cutts of the Google Web spam Team begins by talking about how their algorithm updates evolved in frequency. At first, these were released by batch every month. Their size and impact made them worthy of being named after hurricanes. In 2003, Google shifted to a daily update policy featuring rapid incremental changes. It became impractical to inform people about all the adjustments every day, especially since these are mostly minor tweaks of little consequence.

Matt assures SEOs that the company will discuss important updates publicly as much as possible. If they feel that a modification will have a profound effect on trust, authority and rankings, then they will definitely expound on the matter through the usual channels.

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