Online marketing is difficult as it already is but many make it even more so by plunging head first without a suitable plan. While a few may become lucky enough to achieve modest success just by making things up as they go along, this course of action is hardly sustainable and is certainly not ideal for those who are dreaming of great results. All serious campaigns must start with clearly defined objectives which will serve as a guide especially in times of conflict. These must then be backed up with an appropriate strategy that will help them come to fruition.


Increased Site Traffic


Practically all marketing objectives include an increase in hits. Every business-related site perpetually craves better exposure as this means more visitors. Sadly, this has led most to put SEO on a pedestal to the detriment of other vital factors. Keyword optimization is no doubt important but this should not be the primary focus. Sites must aim for the creation of top quality that will attract people of their own accord rather on relying purely on search engine traffic. The goal should be to foster a connection and hold meaningful dialogue with readers rather than to collect uneventful page views.


Better Brand Recognition


Established names have a distinct advantage as they are already known and therefore trusted by a large number of people. This makes sale conversions whole lot easier for them compared to fledgling brands which are yet to become household names. Any startup should make it a priority to enhance their recognition among their target audience. This can be accomplished by publishing highly shareable content and making it available on various platforms to cast the widest net possible.


Aim for Engagement


Content optimized for search engine crawlers may garner excellent rankings, but the problem is that crawlers are mere pieces of code. In the end, it is the people who consume the content and they must be considered when crafting articles, video, etc. Think about how readers will react to a post. Will they even react at all? Is the content geared towards eliciting an emotion, a comment, a sale, a lead, or an overwhelming urge to share? Or is the content too saturated with keywords so as not to make sense at all? Aim for engagement, not eyeballs.


Past Recognition and On to Perception


Once the word is out that the brand exists, the next step is to build up its image. It must become a name that is associated with the right things to enhance its appeal. For motorcycles, these could be youth, freedom, and a hint of danger. For insurance companies, these could be reliability, empathy and concern. The site content should reflect these values and do so consistently. People must perceive the brand almost as a person who has these ideal qualities that they are looking for so that they will feel comfortable enough to do business with the company.


Lead Generation


Often, visitors come into the site, read what they want then click away to other sites, never to be seen again – lots and lots of wasted opportunities. Instead of repeatedly squandering the chance, wouldn’t it be great if visitor details could be caught so as to maintain contact? Most do this by offering a free e-book or other low-cost products in exchange for a newsletter subscription. This newsletter can be sent monthly just to nurture the connection. It may contain a summary of the top blog posts for the preceding month, a survey question to jumpstart interaction, and an offer to boost revenues.


Be an Established Subject Matter Expert


Every industry has its own line-up of superstars. These are the thought leaders who push the boundaries and offer great insights about the most pressing issues of the day. They drive trends and sometimes create controversies that set the community abuzz. The articles they write often get prime social media attention and this popularity rubs off on the brand they represent.


Content churned out in a haphazard manner can only depend on luck for success. To gain meaningful results, clear objectives must be set which may include the ones presented in this article. These goals will sharpen focus, increase efficiency, and get the brand much more popular.