A New Yorker has posed an interesting question regarding site size. He was wondering whether the number of pages or perhaps the volume of content has any effect on authority. Does Google think more highly of a large site with thousands of pages compared to one that contains only a handful?

Matt Cutts considers it and says that from what he can tell, the answer is no. The effect of size on authority is absolutely zero. What does matter to Google is the number of links to a website because this shows how much other people appreciate its contents. Of course, the quality of those links is also a factor.

The more people link to a site, the more eager Googlebot becomes about crawling its pages. A site could have a million pages but if few links point to it then only a small number will be indexed. Instead of trying to inflate the size of a website, webmasters are better off ensuring that it provides great value to visitors. An excellent site paired with creative marketing can become extremely popular, resulting in a flood of links and higher authority.

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