Matt Cutts answers the question of why big brands seem to rank better than small brands, presented on April 23, 2009.

SEO is a big topic and every webmaster naturally wants his or her site to get a high ranking. However, many small business owners and entrepreneurs have complained that large corporations always get better rankings on Google than small businesses. While some feel that Google is simply unfair, others attribute this problem to the fact that large companies can simply afford to spend more on SEO than small companies or home based businesses.

In the following presentation, Matt Cutts points out that it is not just small, start up companies that complain about Google rank placement system. Surprisingly, some large companies also feel that they should get a higher search engine ranking than the presently do.

Matt Cutts reiterates Google’s policy of trying to return the best possible search engine results to users, without paying attention to who creates which website and which company or brand name it is attached to. While some users are likely to disagree with his point of view, it is interesting to see how Google looks at this perplexing issue and be reminded once again of the importance of creating high quality content.